"Teach Children how they should live and they will remember it all their lives"

Proverbs 22:6

About Our No Credit Check Rent to Own 

- Everyone is Approved! There is no credit check whatsoever!

- To get started with your Rent to Own Play set you put down 10% of your play set total plus your first month's rent and there is no payment for 30 days!

* Where Available....not all areas qualify for our No Credit Check Rent to Own Program


Wooden Outdoor Treasures, LLC is a family owned and operated business. We began this adventure several years ago when we were having problems finding quality playground equipment for our own children. Our oldest of six children was almost 14 at the time and our youngest was 3. We had purchased set after set over the years, each time investing what seemed like a small fortune only to find out that the result was the same....the play equipment simply DID NOT HOLD UP! WE found ourselves repeating this same process over and over with each child as they grew old enough to enjoy outdoor play sets. The quality of the play sets that we purchased were just not what we thought we were paying for. They were constructed of either metal or thin prefabricated lumber. 

We just knew there was a better way to build a quality play set that would not have to be replaced every 2 to 5 years. With our knowledge in construction and a little help from the kids on design, we set out to create a collection of outdoor play structures that will last for generations of play. 

Each play set is constructed using only pressure treated lumber. WE use a 4 year stain and seal to cut down the work for already busy parents and grandparents. You will not find a nail whatsoever in our play sets. We only use screws, nuts, and bolts because over time nails will back out, making an unsafe environment for little ones to play! Our goal is for your children's children to enjoy playing on the same sets that their parents enjoyed when they were little!

Thank-you for taking time to be part of our dream! God Bless!

Customer Reviews :)

Children grow up so fast but the memories made at an early age always seem to last. Our products are built to encourage imagination...whether your little one dreams of being a pirate sailing the seven seas, a princess in her magical castle, or a farmer tending his farm...Our playhouses allow children to                           DREAM BIG!!!


Made from 100%

treated lumber for generations of play!



Standard Features

- Wooden Outdoor Treasures, LLC. uses only the top grade pressure treated lumber in our play sets.

- Each play set comes standard with a 4 year stain and seal

- We NEVER use nails. Nails are known to back out over time so we use only screws, nuts, and bolts on our products.

- Our play sets feature commercial grade accessories such as swings, hangers, etc...